Office Bearers and Committee

One of the great benefits of a Food and Wine Society is the years of experience that can be shared with all Society members. This is formalized in a Committee structure that ensures all activities bring out the best in food and wine.  The Committee is elected by members at the Annual General Meeting.

Office Bearers and Committee 2020-2021

          President/FWFSA Councillor: Peter Bacon

          Vice President Wine Master: Trevor Gibson

          Vice President Food Master: Carolyn Smalls

          Secretary: David Yeomans

          Treasurer: Carole Yeomans

         Cellar Master: Trevor Gibson

          Wine Scribe: David Cameron

          Food Scribe: Carol Leaver

          Committee Member—Wine: Jim Rolls

          Committee Member—Food: Kerrie Sims

          FWFSA Councillor: Trevor Gibson

          Public Officer: Lorraine Plues