The Metropolitan Wine and Food Society of Sydney Inc. is a non-profit society providing wine tastings, dinners and other functions for the enjoyment of good food and fine wine. The Society provides an opportunity to learn, and to appreciate food and wine in a relaxing social manner.

Most people in the Society live in Sydney although we have a number of country members.

The Society’s calendar of events begins with an evening picnic in a park on the first Sunday in January. Members bring food and wine to share, and are encouraged to bring guests. Throughout the year, the Society normally arranges two formal wine tastings, two informal luncheons, a formal President’s Dinner, ad hoc mid-week dinners, a wine trip and a Christmas dinner.  Dinners are usually held at restaurants and the informal luncheons are catered for by members.

The Society spends one weekend each year away from Sydney.  This is normally spent in a winery area, but is sometimes spent in another location where wines from regions too distant to visit are examined.

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The Metropolitan Wine and Food Society of Sydney Inc. is an affiliate of the Federation of Wine and Food Societies of Australia. http://www.wineandfood.org.au/

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